Our mission is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the French language and Francophone culture, and to encourage understanding of and friendship with the French-speaking world.

Towards that mission we know that for more than a century, an ever-increasing number of French language students of all ages and origins choose to join and study at their local Alliance Française. Our Alliance Française de Sarasota is part of the world's largest network of French language schools and cultural centers. We are a network of over 830 independently run committees established in 133 countries that reach over 550,000 students. The Fondation Alliance Française, based in France, is the moral and legal compass of Alliances Françaises. This model does not just contain effective language courses, but a wide range of other Francophone activities such as our Club Litteraire (book club), Cine Club, and Casse Croute (French news morning meeting group). We know that learning and using French is most effective when it is reinforced by relevant French cultural activities.

The Alliance Française de Sarasota is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Florida corporation and part of the Federation des Alliances Françaises USA which supports its members to fulfill their mission.

In the U.S. the Délégation Générale de la Fondation Alliance Française located in Washington, D.C, serves the entire network of U.S. Alliances Françaises.